Thursday, April 24, 2008

Out of Hibernation

I have been in somewhat of a hibernation phase for some time now. I apologize to all those who commented or had a question posted on the blogs. The burden of school work is slightly relaxed now. I shall try to answer all queries one by one. Please do check back!


Cardinot said...

hello Rinku!

Do you find a way to customise others icons from iconbar for others application?

Rinku said...


I haven't really. I haven't really had enough time to dig further in the SDK APIs.

Cardinot said...

OK Riku, so give me some ways (in SDK APIs) to do that, so I try to customised all icons for all applications?

Anonymous said...

rinku, been tracking your work for a while - fantastic job.

you had once commented that you would release the source code fro Iconbar so that other can customize it, do you think you're ready for releasing it? Maybe you can release it under the GPL license.

Anonymous said...

Is there anyway when forwarding or sending an SMS or MMS message to select multiple contacts an once?

ghea said...

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tian said...

hallo riku, XD

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