Monday, February 11, 2008

How to make a theme NeoDock compatible?

Making a theme NeoDock compatible is easy. If you have read "How to make NeoDock Manager see my Plugins?", then you might have already figured it out. The Neo Dockstation is nothing but a layout switcher, using some markers on the theme XML file to figure out what to replace for what. So, you just need to set those markers on your theme layout file.

Any theme file for the Neo interface has two plugin entries - one for the top status bar and the other for the Neo plugin. The markers are placed for the top status bar plugin - the first <plugin... entry in the XML file.

1) Place the following line before the start of the plugin tag.

<!-- NeoDock Markup START - DONOT CHANGE THIS LINE!! -->

2) Place the following line after the end of the plugin tag, i.e. after </plugin>

<!-- NeoDock Markup END - DONOT CHANGE THIS LINE!! -->

Since these lines are marker, you must place them in separate lines, with no spaces or tabs before or after them.

With that, the switcher can now work with your theme. Do take a look at the NeoDock.home.xml file in \Application Data\Home for a complete example.


Freddy Reyes said...

Hi Rinku,

I just updated all my themes to support your docktstation:,18.0.html

Great job.


Enduro said...

great work rinku looks intersting ..
can this work with htc p3600..

Rinku said...


I think the HTC P3600 feature a regular homescreen (??)in which case this will not be of much use. The Neo interface restricts us to only two plugins on the homescreen. That was the reason to have this program to help switch between plugins on the top status bar area.

anne said...

I really dont get it!! Im a new shadow user.. i dont know where to look for the plug-in that you were talkin about! Im sorry can you pls help me?

ghea said...

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