Sunday, February 10, 2008

Configuring the Weather Dock

The Weather Dock is a plugin for WM6 Standard reading weather information from Yahoo! Weather feed. The plugin displays
  • Temperature and text description for current weather at a location provided as a US Zip Code or a Yahoo! Location ID.
  • Feels like temperature and wind speed.
  • Lows and highs forecast for today and tomorrow.
  • Customizable units, update frequency and font colors.
  • Customizable background.
Here are the steps to configure the plugin.

1) The configure program is installed at \Program Files\NeoDock\Plugins\Weather Dock and is called WeatherConfig.exe. Alternatively, you can just click on the Configure button on the Neo Dockstation.

2) Different items on the interface are as follows:

ID: The ID can be a US Zip Code or a Yahoo! Location ID. The Yahoo! Location ID can be retrieved from After you enter your location and the weather page is loaded, check the URL of the page. The Yahoo! Location ID is the name of the html page. For e.g., if the URL is, then the Yahoo! Location ID is XYZ.

Unit: English shows temperature in Fahrenheit and speed in MPH. Metric shows it in Celcius and KmPH respectively.

Update every: The frequency between updates. Weather data is updated from the server at this frequency.

Color codes: Color codes means the color of the font on the plugin. "Fresh" indicates the color to use when displaying data that has been successfully updated the last time an update was tried. If an update fails, the "Stale" color is used. Use HTML coding to specify the color - #RRGGBB.

3) Once you have entered all the information, press Save. Give the program some time to contact the server and resolve the ID.

4) Press OK. Once done, exit out. If you are using the plugin on the Neo Dockstation, reload the plugin.

When the Weather Dock is first loaded, it tries to update the current weather. The Weather Dock then updates weather information at "Update every" intervals. If an update fails, the Weather Dock keeps trying every minute until it is able to do so. Once updated, it goes back to the "Update every" frequency.

NOTE: I have noticed that the icon for the current weather is not changing since tomorrow. Even during the night, it shows the sun!!! I thought the plugin has malfunctioned. However that was not the case as it seems. The problem was rather with the RSS feed I was getting from Yahoo! Weather. If you find errors in the images displayed, please perform the following check first: open the URL , where ID is your Location ID, and see the output of the page in a browser. For me, even this page has been displaying the same icon for a few days. It seems the condition code is not being updated in the server for some reason.


Anonymous said...


love this addition...thank you for sharing with it.

maybe this is a dumb question, but didn't see it here or allshadow.

when the selected plugin (e.g. weather dock) is NOT selected, it is off, correct? only use wifi for the internet, and not always connected...and don't want the weather dock to try and update over few minutes/hours if it is not really possible.

thanks much.

Rinku said...


You are right! The weather dock will NOT try to update if the plugin is not selected. Its only if the plugin is selected that it tries to update every minute once it fails to find an internet connection.

Btw, I am in the process of making a weather app to bring the functionality right on the Neo interface. So, soon you won't need this plugin any more!!


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